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  1. Essie

    Hey, this was a pretty good list, and it got me to what i needed. I am not a computer person, so i would like to know if the Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5320 can run Sims 3 decently. By decently, I mean little to no lagging, and some ok graphics. I just want a laptop, so anything will do. Thx

  2. Clark

    Hi. I need laptop that is suitable for dota 2 game and for autocad. With cheap price. Help me pls thanks

  3. Ben

    I just want a cheap computer that I can play World Of Warcraft and other RPG games like Guild Wars 2 and Rift and Star Wars The Old Republic but with decent graphics and memory

  4. Pelle

    hi, id like to get the Samsung Series 3 NP350V5C-T01US , but even on amazon its $900, can you explain something?

  5. Kat

    Thanks for this. I just purchased the Lenovo Z580 last night. I have to say I was underwhelmed when I discovered that the its RAM was only 32mb (wasn’t 256 the standard 5+years ago?!), but I paid $450 for a refurbished and it’s playing Sims 3. That’s all I need for now!

    @Micky – I’d like to see a list of laptops with dedicated graphics cards and CPUs in the ~2ghz+ range under $600. There can’t be many.

  6. Jare

    wow, these are totally amazing and affordable gaming laptops, the last one almost made me ask my parents to get me one even though I am not supposed to.

  7. atul

    nice lists…. unfortunately non of the laptop above is available in my country. i wonder why that is always happening.. perhaps the quality ones need to be ordered and only the so-so laptops are to be displayed.

  8. clayton

    I have been in the market for a good gaming laptop for a while now and am really unsure what is best, I like playing games like total war Rome, civilization, and age of empires. But I also love battlefield 3 and soon to be 4, my budget is only $600 to $700 dollars. any good suggestions are appreciated.

    Ps: I have been considering the dell inspiron 15ri15rns110-7223dbk

  9. Micky

    I don’t consider anything with an integrated graphics processor (motherboard or CPU) to be a “gaming laptop”. Sure it can (probably) run modern games at half decent framerates at lowest settings, but that really isn’t what you call a gaming laptop.

    For me, I would throwing out any suggestions that has the words “Intel HD Graphics” in them first.

    Then, I would look at the graphics processing unit in closer depth. Going by what this article has, what I think is Radeon HD 7700 Series > Geforce GT 730M > Radeon HD 7500 series.

    After that, I would look at the processor. Generally, Intel > AMD processors. Either Intel i5 or i7 processors are good for gaming, but an i3 may suffice too. I don’t know much about AMD processors, but it is probably best to stick with the processor with the highest clock speed within your budget.

  10. Wing

    Veronica, the article is referring to laptops that are cheap not the game itself. It is pointing out cheap laptops that have appropriate hardware to (possibly) play HD games.

  11. Veronica

    What do you mean by “Cheap Gaming”? I definitely don’t sit around all day long playing video games. But when I have time I’ll log on to a MMORPG that I freely downloaded offline. No the graphics are no where as good as some games like WOW or League of Legends. Does my game sound “cheap” to you?

  12. Michael

    Hey, this is supposed to be “best gaming laptops for under $500.” But there were only three or four that were actually under $500 on this list. This should be titled “Best gaming laptops for under $600”. That would be more accurate.

    1. Preetam

      Hi Michael, prices of laptops keep fluctuating every week and most certainly they are never stable. Anyhow, thanks for letting me know about it, will have my editor revise this post as soon as possible.


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