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    One of the best article about laptops under $300 & I actually enjoyed reading it. Keep up the great effort!

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      Thanks! I’m glad you liked it!

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    I’m looking for a college laptop. I have had bad experience with HP and Dell because of battery life and overheating, So my question is this…

    Which is a good laptop that can run Microsoft Word, Adobe flash player and Windows 8? Also it should be able to run most of the school applications.
    I own a chromebook which does not download firefox nor adobe flash player. This is a big loss for me since most of the classes wants us to use them for videos. It is a Chrome OS Laptop and totally limited for school work.
    Basically, I would like something faster than a chromebook, it can be little heavier but not much heavy. I don’t really care about its screen size whether
    it is big or small. And I want at least 4 hours of battery life due to my long periods in class.

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    @ Sanket, you’re right about new choices available and that is why our team has already started preparing to update this article with latest laptops under $300. Check it out again in 2-3 days to see new devices.

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    You’ve made a nice list of laptops here but I think there are plenty of new devices available these days and one can find even better options on the internet for laptops under $300. Also it’s a good idea to buy a netbook or chromebook which is really popular these days.

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    Ike Bburn

    What about the Dell Inspiron 15, the Toshiba Satellite C55, the Acer aspire E 15, and most of the Chromebooks?


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