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    Bill B.

    Try this real world test on all of these laptops, dump your entire cup of coffee all over the keyboard while using the machine, and all of them die and need a major repair, on most of them, the repair cost exceeds the price of a new one. Your data stands a good chance of being lost as well, as the SSD is soldered in. The only laptop that comes away unscathed? – The Lenovo X1 Carbon!

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      I see you are a fan of the X1 carbon! Actually, most business laptops handle getting soaked in coffee better than mainstream notebooks.

      But if that happens to any laptop, quickly shut it down, unplug it, remove the excess water and let it dry completely for 2 days. It should work!

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    Captain TrĪdden

    Nice list. I’m probably going to be purchasing the Asus Zenbook UX330UA. It has pretty good specs and I like the look of it and the features it has. Plus it doesn’t break the bank. Just an FYI number 6 on your list says ASUS swift 7 and not ACER swift 7.

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      Yes the Asus Zenbook UX330UA is a great choice indeed. Nice to know we helped!
      Thanks for the info on the Swift, I corrected it.


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