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    Captain TrĪdden

    Nice list. I’m probably going to be purchasing the Asus Zenbook UX330UA. It has pretty good specs and I like the look of it and the features it has. Plus it doesn’t break the bank. Just an FYI number 6 on your list says ASUS swift 7 and not ACER swift 7.

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      Yes the Asus Zenbook UX330UA is a great choice indeed. Nice to know we helped!
      Thanks for the info on the Swift, I corrected it.

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    Well, I think apple is the best when it comes to slimness but in the specs, no it is not so powerful and little costly.

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    Dude, the laptops you’ve listed aren’t thin. Especially when compared to Apple’s Macbook Air. Come on, there are more thin Windows PCs in the market

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    Shariq Imam

    Hi. Thanks for this post. I am looking for thin laptop with 500 GB hard disk, 4 GB ram and inbuilt graphics. I came across Asus which will cost me around 550. What is your suggestion? Can you suggest other laptop price around 400-500?

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    U forgot to mention zenbook and dell inspiron

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    Mr Robert

    Have you really seen the display screen of Sony VAIO pro? Because if you did it would most certainly be on the top and I’m pretty much sure that it can easily replace Apple MacBook Air. Even when it comes to thinness I can bet that Sony VAIO pro is thinner than MacBook Air and best of all we can use our favorite OS Windows unlike MacBooks. So what I’m suggesting here is to revise this list of thin laptops and kindly make it fair so the consumers looking to buy a thin laptop would not be confused.

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    If you mean by Sony VAIO pro then I know it deserves to be in this list of thin laptops but at the time when I was making this list it wasn’t released. Anyways, I’m about to write an updated version of this article so you will soon see a latest article of top 10 thinnest laptops of 2014.

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    where is sony vaio ? it supposed to be on the list..

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    What about the Razer Blade 14″?

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    how do you think the Samsung model would handle adobe premiere? I ask because I work for Samsung and can get a laptop with a huge discount. I also travel a lot and need to be able to do some basic editing with HD video on the go. I know desktops are the way to go but I was just wondering if the chronos 17 would be my best laptop option. Thanks.

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    These all might be thin and light laptops but to be honest, display screen of ultrabooks is not that impressive. I compared its screen with my 5 years old laptop and guess what, thin laptops are no good. I suggest you take a look at Apple MacBook Pro (Retina) and revise this list so everyone who is reading your article will also get a great display screen along with a thin laptop.

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    There is no MacBook Air with Retina display. Apart from that it is a very nice laptop.

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    Thin laptops are extremely common these days and almost every Tom, Dick and Harry is roaming on streets with these kinds of ultra thin notebooks.. so I am looking for something very unique and price is not a factor.. I have seen few tablet-laptop hybrids and I like them, to be honest, I am not a big fan of touch screen devices.. so if there is anything new and good in the market which will suit me, please do let me know. By the way, I am just looking for something to show off and do pretty basic stuff like movies, music, etc.

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    I wish I could see specs of those laptops side by side so I can decide which one is the best for me

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    Just FYI, I have owned about 7-8 Lenovo laptops and I was totally happy with all of them until I grabbed ThinkPad T430S, I have used this so-called thin laptop for only about a week until it started giving me problems, and those are not at all common issues but totally out of this world which even their customer support wasn’t able to solve.. after wasting about couple of months on it I have finally bought HP Envy Spectre which I think is thinner than ThinkPad and also works well.. and of course you’re right about MacBook, it truly is the best thin laptop but Windows is what I prefer, all in all, great post, very helpful so thank you..

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    This is 2013 and almost every laptop you’ll come across will be thin, slim and solid.. but anyways this is nicely compiled ranking of best ultra thinnest laptops in 2013.. thank you for that.. about to buy Lenovo ThinkPad and hopefully it will turn out great.. 🙂

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    Thanks for your comment Scarlett, eagerly waiting for your personal opinion about ThinkPad T430..

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    Just ordered Lenovo ThinkPad T430S after reading your review about it and also because I have been looking for an ultra thin laptop from a long time.. anyways, it should be delivered within next 2-3 days, will report back with my personal review and thanks for writing such a wonderful article about thin notebooks..

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    This list is not outdated at all, you can surely go with one of those and there are even few laptops in this list that are yet to be officially released.

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    Hi Preetam, great post you’ve made here. I am looking for a very thin, solid and lightweight laptop for myself to carry it around on daily basis and somehow I have a feeling that this list is outdated, so can you please confirm that these are still the best thin laptops one could get?

    Thanks in advance! waiting for your reply.

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    Famous Freak

    Damn, LG P530 is an extremely slim and thinnest laptop I have ever come across in my life, eagerly waiting for it to release.


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