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    If you mean by Sony VAIO pro then I know it deserves to be in this list of thin laptops but at the time when I was making this list it wasn’t released. Anyways, I’m about to write an updated version of this article so you will soon see a latest article of top 10 thinnest laptops of 2014.

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    where is sony vaio ? it supposed to be on the list..

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    What about the Razer Blade 14″?

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    how do you think the Samsung model would handle adobe premiere? I ask because I work for Samsung and can get a laptop with a huge discount. I also travel a lot and need to be able to do some basic editing with HD video on the go. I know desktops are the way to go but I was just wondering if the chronos 17 would be my best laptop option. Thanks.

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    These all might be thin and light laptops but to be honest, display screen of ultrabooks is not that impressive. I compared its screen with my 5 years old laptop and guess what, thin laptops are no good. I suggest you take a look at Apple MacBook Pro (Retina) and revise this list so everyone who is reading your article will also get a great display screen along with a thin laptop.


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