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    Well, I think apple is the best when it comes to slimness but in the specs, no it is not so powerful and little costly.

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    Dude, the laptops you’ve listed aren’t thin. Especially when compared to Apple’s Macbook Air. Come on, there are more thin Windows PCs in the market

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    Shariq Imam

    Hi. Thanks for this post. I am looking for thin laptop with 500 GB hard disk, 4 GB ram and inbuilt graphics. I came across Asus which will cost me around 550. What is your suggestion? Can you suggest other laptop price around 400-500?

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    U forgot to mention zenbook and dell inspiron

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    Mr Robert

    Have you really seen the display screen of Sony VAIO pro? Because if you did it would most certainly be on the top and I’m pretty much sure that it can easily replace Apple MacBook Air. Even when it comes to thinness I can bet that Sony VAIO pro is thinner than MacBook Air and best of all we can use our favorite OS Windows unlike MacBooks. So what I’m suggesting here is to revise this list of thin laptops and kindly make it fair so the consumers looking to buy a thin laptop would not be confused.


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