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    I am a windows user and won’t be getting the MacBook Air. But unlike earlier commenters I do think it deserves to be top of the list. By a fair distance actually. Ok, it’s not the thinnest, it’s not the lightest, it’s not the cheapest. But it is definitely the best all round package.

    It’s thin and light enough. It’s virtually silent. It’s not the most expensive in this list. The reliability and service are excellent. Battery life under OS X is phenomenal. The only problem for me is that it’s not optimal as a Windows machine. But the operating system should not be a consideration in a list like this.

    I’m not familiar with all the other laptops in this list, but the ones that I have been looking at (Thinkpad, Vaio, dell, acer) about all come with at least one fairly annoying compromise. e.g. mediocre battery life, noisy fan, poor wifi performance, high cost.

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    You’re looking at last year’s (2013) Acer S7… The current one comes with 4th gen CPU (haswell) and 8gb RAM

    Also putting the Air #1 with its low specs (4gb ram, not full HD screen, 1.3 ghz cpu, etc. Sigh!

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    A review by just another Apple fan. Air truly does not deserve no 1 spot, come on and be realistic, come out of apple dream.

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    I really wish lists like this would not mention the air. We already know about it, and generally people looking at lists of thin laptops are not considering buying into the apple walled garden anyway.
    I don’t care about it and it just fills a spot that a more worthy laptop could’ve filled.

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    I’d like to know why every thin laptop is usually compared with MacBook Air as if there are no other laptops or ultrabooks which are thin as Air. If you compare it with Sony VAIO Pro you’ll realize how much sleek VAIO is and I think Sony Pro 13 should top this list of thin laptops in 2014.


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