Best Cheap Tablets in 2014

Lately laptops and smartphones have become extremely common but tablets are yet to become popular like mobiles and notebooks. Most people don’t really know how to utilize tablets or else tablets would have become common as well by now… Continue Reading

Top 10 Cheap Gaming Laptops under $500 in 2014

Typical gaming laptops tend to be rather heavy machines with a high price tag, well above $1,000. This is usually what you have to buy if you want top of the line hardware, but if trying to maximize the frames per second of your games doesn’t really… Continue Reading

Top 10 Best Windows 8 Laptops in 2014

With the release of Windows 8, the design of laptops has changed accordingly, with more and more of them having either touchscreens or offering a hybrid tablet/laptop design. Either way, a touchscreen is one of the more essential features… Continue Reading

Top 10 Best Laptops for Students in 2014

For a student, a laptop is one of the most essential items around. It is by far the most preferred method of note-taking since typing tends to go a lot faster than handwriting. Additionally, since a student tends to be on the move all the time, a… Continue Reading

Top 10 Best Lightweight Laptops in 2014

One of the biggest reasons that people use laptops in the first place is that they’re a lot more portable than an ordinary desktop machine. They can be carried with one or two hands and don’t need to be tied to a desk. The best sorts of laptops,… Continue Reading

Top 10 Best Laptops under $400 in 2014

The notebook market has become fairly competitive lately. A lot of the technology used in smartphones and tablets is carrying over into modern laptops, and everyone is enjoying the benefits. However, not everyone has the kind of money for… Continue Reading

Top 10 Best Cheap Gaming Laptops in 2014

Normally when you’re talking about laptops for the purpose of gaming, you’d be talking about expensive, $1,500+ machines that may be out of the reach for some people’s budgets. However, you don’t necessarily have to spend so much… Continue Reading

Top 10 Best Budget Laptops in 2014

The nice thing about mobile technology today is that it’s increasingly small and cheap. There are certainly plenty of expensive, high-end laptops available today, but they aren’t necessary to do the majority of regular computing tasks.… Continue Reading

Top 10 Best Laptops under $1000 in 2014

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Top 10 Best Laptops under $300 in 2014

Laptops have become continually cheaper and more accessible over the years. For a while you couldn’t buy any kind of laptop for less than $600-$700 or so. They were significantly more expensive than a desktop, and nowadays there’s still… Continue Reading