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    Alienware has been the best for a while now and I am starting to think that soon it will be replaced by Origin, even though I personally use Alienware I won’t recommend it to any hardcore gamer.. I’d say go for Origin since it is one of the best gaming laptops out there..

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    If I were to buy a Windows gaming laptop then I would not think about anything other than MSI GT 70 because I think that is the only brand who manufactures their own hardware specs and others simply outsource their parts from Intel or other hardware manufacturers.. and another reason to choose MSI is solely because of their customer service which is totally awesome.. anyways, Alienware laptop is over-rated as usual so I am not surprised..

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    Surprised to see that Origin made it so low on the list. I am guessing that you haven’t owned one. I have owned both alienware and origin and my origins have been markedly better in hardware availability, customization, and customer service. About to order my 3rd Origin gaming laptop, in every case I was able to get better hardware from Origin.

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    which place do you think msi gx60 would have come on?

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    @ Sameer, if you are solely looking for laptop to play games on it then I’d say Lenovo is really bad choice and the price you’ve stated is high too.. Anyways, specs you’ve described look great but for gaming I always recommend Alienware m17x..


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