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    I think dell xps 15 shouldn’t be in the list ….dell 17r turbo is much better…and what do u think about alienware 14x…84k is the price in india, is it worth the money?

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    Saurabh Kumar

    For those who are not sure for dell xps 15, I personally own xps l501x from april 2011 and played lot of hard core games like BF3, COD BO2, COD ghost, Prototype 2, NFS Rivals, NFS the run, this much should be enough to clear all your doubts. Dell xps 15 is very decent gaming laptop. I can even show gameplay of these games.

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    A lot of people are complaining about alienware performance, to be honest it’s the Ferrari of gaming computers, it’s overpriced but you get the performance, you get the attention wherever you use it. And like most people, they can’t afford a Ferrari so they just complain but deep inside they are simply craving to have one. Get the picture? The only downside of this computer is its heavy! But it’s worth every penny if you can afford one 😉


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