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    This is Awesome post of perfect and amazing pink laptops.. I already own MSI Wind device but I’m not really satisfied with its performance so I just ordered Sony VAIO W series in pink color and well, I am sure it will perform far better than my old MSI laptop because I have never been disappointed before by any Sony product.

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    Atif Shaikh

    Wow, can’t believe girls actually are so serious about pink color.. well, I can understand when it comes to their dresses and other fashion accessories but they want pink laptops too? Seriously girls, start looking for a good and suitable laptop that will meet your requirements and then you can anytime buy a case for it of any color you want.. anyways, just my two cents, of course you’ll do whatever you want.. btw, cool article for people actually looking for pink laptop..

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    That ASUS mini laptop on #2 doesn’t really looks like pink color and as someone said above me there is no Macbook in pink color. Well, that leaves us MSI Wind and Sony VAIO laptops only if we’re looking for a pink color laptop. I guess I’ll go with Sony VAIO z series laptop of 10-inch since it costs little less than a regular size laptop.

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    Hi Ajay, thanks for your comment and you’re right about Macbook, it is a pink color cover and not the pink color laptop, but it fits so perfect on Macbook Pro that people could hardly understand that if that’s the pink laptop or cover.

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    You sure these are the best pink laptops in 2013? Because I have never ever heard of laptop brands like Advent or Hi-Grade, and also about Apple MacBook you have up there, you don’t get a MacBook laptop in any color other than silver, that pink must be just a body.


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