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    Have you really seen the display screen of Apple MacBook? It simply is incomparable with any other manufacturer’s display screen and even thought I hate Mountain Lion OS I bought myself a Mac only because of its display which is way better than any other brand’s display. I’d say forget about the color of laptop’s body and go with a device which performs well and by the way, great article for girls who need a pink laptop.

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    I was having such a hard time finding a good and reliable laptop that comes in pink color, but omg, you’ve listed about 10 best pink laptops, I don’t know how to thank you for such a great post and for your time to do the research. Oh, and I have already chosen Sony VAIO W series notebook which looks extremely stylish and incredible, and I did not choose it just because of its looks but also due to the reputation Sony brand has. So, thank you once again and keep rocking.


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