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    I don’t think these are the best touch screen laptops currently present in market, and I am saying it without even reading your entire post just because I saw Lenovo’s laptop on top. I am pretty sure that Lenovo is worst brand when it comes to latest innovation and they always need at least couple of years to fix their issues. So believe me guys, if you are looking for best touch screen laptop without really caring about your money then Lenovo is not the best choice. I’d say go with HP or even Dell and think 10 times before choosing something from this list.

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    I am looking for a touch screen laptop with fastest performance possible to run 3D Autocad so can you please suggest me one good laptop that I could use? Anyways, budget is not a problem I don’t mind spending even $5000 on a laptop that’ll guarantee me performance.. btw, specs I am looking for must be Quad-Core i7 Processor, 2GB graphics card, 1 TB hard drive and 16 GB Memory.. Thank you..

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    @ Sher Khan,
    Everyone has different opinion about Windows 8 and I think you’ve had some bad experience with it.. but one thing you should know is that when it comes to touch screen laptops, Windows 8 has no competition..

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    Sher Khan

    I honestly think people need to stop praising Windows 8, it’s horrible OS and Windows XP was a lot better than that..

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    Wow, time is going so fast, it is already time to use touch screen laptops.. can’t think about what we will be using after 10-15 years.. really technology needs to slow down a bit, so everyone can catch up.. anyways, sorry for going off topic.. nice publish, anyways time to collect money for one of these windows 8 notebooks…


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