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    Pallavi, anyday, I’ll exchange your copy of Windows 8 (whether Pro or Standard, 4 and 32-Bit) for my copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. My copy is legitimate too!

    Let me know if you are seriously interested in the exchange!!

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    I’m satisfied with my Acer Aspire V5 because of its looks, long battery working time and Windows 8 runs smoothly and fast. Windows defender has saved me a lot from buying anti-virus. As of now, its perfectly works with me with nice Wi-fi connection! God bless your brand and preferred units.

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    People who’ve lost their mind are bragging about how great windows 8 is, and people who have actually used it know how worst this OS is. I don’t see anyone around who really wants to use Windows 8 but few are simply stuck with it because their latest device does not support Windows 7 drivers… anyways, these are great hybrid laptops but Windows 8 is no good at all..


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