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    Katelyn Kalam

    It’s Toshiba u925t not Toshiba u295t.

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      @ Katelyn
      I was kind of confused with that since there are countless models and series’ these days. Thank you for pointing out, it was just edited.

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    I just bought a Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Laptop, and I have been really happy using it from last 3 days. I had ordered it online and it was delayed a bit, maybe because of my location but after calling them and explaining the proper address I received it in one day. I bought it especially because I wanted to use mSata on it and it’s been really amazing using Windows 8 on it. All in all, the best hybrid laptop, tablet whenever you want and laptop anytime you want.

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    Hi, I’m Muntasir from Dhaka,Bangladesh. Why VAIO Hybrid Tablet laptop is not in the list? We all know that the pixel, resolution, ram, space and style of Original VAIO(Made in Japan)is better than any other laptop in the world.
    Thank you.

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    I just don’t get it why everyone is trying so hard to sell Windows 8, not that I am against these types of hybrid laptops but seriously Windows 8 is totally creepy and full of bugs.. and I am not talking about some pirated cracked OS, I bought a genuine copy few days back which I have stopped using because of all those bugs in resolution..

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    Hi Shyma, thanks for your comment and I don’t think any Adobe software has to do anything with operating system, it should run smoothly if hardware is compatible and if you buy some latest laptop with Windows 8 then I am sure it will come with amazing hardware specs and after all it’s Windows so I don’t think you’ll face any problems with that.


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