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    Hi Preetam,
    I liked this compact list you have prepared. I am in need to buy a Windows 8 laptop, but also prefer for a tab. But I am just doubtful of the compatibility of basic softwares with Windows 8, Software of the Adobe Package other media relates applications are the ones I frequently use. Could you please clarify whether these softwares would run on Windows 8 devices as smooth as on a conventional laptop ?

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    The Asus Transformer is 4GB of ram, not 8GB. I really wish it was 8 though.

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    Just bought Envy X2 and I can’t tell you how much smooth Windows 8 runs on it and well IDK about Toshiba 5t or Lenovo YogaPad but this piece from HP can’t be compared with these ones when we only talk about Windows 8 or Hybrid laptops, anyways, I am happy with its performance overall and it’s up to you guys what laptop brand you trust.

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    Hi Neerav, I do my research before posting anything and yes according to many top and reliable sources, this new hybrid laptop from Toshiba is going to be a massive hit.

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    Wow, how could you say that Toshiba U295t is the best windows 8 hybrid laptop when it is not even released yet?


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