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    I recently bought a laptop from ASUS Eee PC series model no. 1015CX for $250 which comes with 2GB RAM, Dual-Core processor and 320GB hard drive.. but seriously there is something wrong with it, performance is not good as it should be.. all I can do is only browsing or watch movies, etc. I guess that is why they call it a netbook and not laptop.. anyways, lesson learned, for people looking for cheap and affordable laptop out there, always go for laptop, never for netbook..

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    @ Sagar, yeah these kinds of netbooks can easily survive about 2-3 years if used appropriately, only problem within these laptops is that they can’t handle applications like photoshop, video editors, hd games, etc.. other than that, they are perfect little devices..

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    Hello Preetam, nice article you’ve written here and I am looking for a laptop that comes for around $300 for my little sister.. but still confused about these netbooks.. are they really worth? can they survive 2-3 years? I am not so sure about them and if they’re not worth then I can afford to buy a decent laptop under $500.. lemme know your opinion about it..

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    Most of these are netbooks and in my opinion you can’t call them best affordable laptops, but well, what else can you get in $300? I guess these are the only best you could get for that price.

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    Thanks for your comment Swaroop and I’d really love to read your thoughts about it since I am about to buy an affordable laptop for my little sister and ASUS Eee PC looks like a perfect option due to 2GB RAM and pretty decent hard drive. And about Flipkart, you’ve made right choice and trust me you’d be amazed to see how fast they deliver their products.


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