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  1. Amber

    I was checking out latest laptops in store last week when I had to buy one for my 14 years old kid and after checking out laptops of all brands I decided to go with Apple MacBook Air 11″ and I’m really surprised to see that it’s missing from you list. Is there any reason you exclude it from this list?

  2. Marium

    I have 3 kids who are still in school and after reading your post I have bought ASUS Eee PC for each of them in different colors and also because they are really cheap these days. But none of them is happy because some video game they wanted to play together and for some reason that game doesn’t run on these laptops.. so, can you please advice me what should I do to run this game.. I really want them to be happy and someone told me to upgrade memory RAM and the problem will be solved. If that’s true also tell me how much RAM should I buy for each one. Thanks!

  3. Preetam

    Thank you for your comment Mom11, and I don’t agree with them either and that’s the reason I haven’t replied to those comments..

  4. Mom11

    Great list. Thank you. And I don’t completely agree with the comments about these are only for rich people. It’s all about planning and saving people. You know your kid is going to need one so research and save like the rest of us. These seem to be the most mentioned on multiple sites. But I like your descriptions. Thank you.

  5. Preetam

    @ Sujal, I guess you are right and your best bet would be Eee PC or you can also check out few notebooks from Gateway which might fit your budget and I can assure you that Gateway laptop will perform far better than Asus netbook..

  6. Sujal

    Hi Preetam, I am a school going kid and I am looking for a laptop that comes for around $250 because that’s my maximum budget. I have looked at Asus Eee PC and I guess that’s my only option but not many people recommend it for kids since it is extremely fragile, so can you suggest me some solid laptop or netbook that fits my budget?

  7. Macky

    Lol, didn’t knew kids these days require such expensive laptops.. well, if it was for my kids, I’d get them one of those pinky toy laptops since they are going to break it sooner or later.. anyways, good list for rich people who have plenty of money to waste on their kids..

  8. Susane

    Exactly what I was looking for, thanks for your time Preetam and I appreciate your efforts to create this post of best laptops for school kids. Getting ASUS Eee PC mini laptop for my 13 years old daughter and I guess she’ll love it.

  9. Preetam

    Hi Dreamer99, thank you for your input but if you see one common thing among all these laptops is that they are all 10-13 inches laptop and that is exactly what people look for before buying laptops for their kids.

  10. Dreamer99

    Well, you’ve made a nice list of 10 best laptops for school kids, but you know what? No one can afford this much expensive laptops for their kids who are still in school, so you definitely need to replace few top brand laptops like Apple and Alienware obviously.


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