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  1. Anonymous

    Would be nice to find ones with two fullsized USB connections

    1. Erik

      It would indeed, but I guess they just don’t have enough space.

      The closest you’ll find to two full-size USB is The Asus Transformer Mini with one full-size USB and one micro-USB.

  2. John

    10″ is full size.
    Where are the 7-8 inch laptops?

    1. Erik

      Hi John,

      10-inch is considered a mini laptop. A full-size laptop would have a 12-inch or bigger screen. The easiest way to see that is to look at the keyboard: under 12-inch, you can’t find a full-sized keyboard. The typing speed with a 11-inch and less drastically reduces.

      If you want a 8″, I suggest you look at tablets to which you can attach a keyboard. Unfortunately, we don’t review those.

      I’ve answered your full laptop recommendation request, I hope it helps!


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